Artist Statement

My art is mostly wildlife and landscapes, anything outdoors because that’s what I enjoy. I am inspired by the natural wonder of nature, the colors of the sky, the strange turn a tree takes as it grows, the striations in a rock and the coy way of the deer. These are good feelings and experiences that I want to share, and for me it can best be done through my art. These are my explorations.

Most of my work is oil on board or canvas. Oil is a proven medium for durability and longevity. It has a powerful presence of color and allows flexible techniques and style. I start with a concept and develop it through a series of sketches, value and color studies all the while gathering references. It’s a creative evolutionary process of discovery and interpretation.

My finished works are one-of-kind original art, not copies, meant to bring happiness and joy into your life. The paintings help you connect to our great outdoor heritage and show an appreciation and value of the natural world’s canvas.

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